Joseph's Family / Columbus

We have had a wonderful experience with Haven Home Corgis. We will pick them over and over if we were given the chance to.

They kept in contact throughout and it was so great to get photos as we anticipated the arrival of our new puppy. 

Most importantly and best of all, Haven Home Corgis provided a loving, healthy, and safe environment for mama dog and puppies. Their thorough care and concern is evident in all they say and do. 

We are beyond delighted with our new puppy and grateful he was provided such a good start. 

Laura / Houston

We purchased our 10 week old Corgi puppy from a young couple named Joseph and Jennifer. This was not the case at all. Their house and gardens were beautiful. They invited us into their home and it was impeccable and clean-looked like a house you’d see on HGTV. They feed their puppies all natural raw food diet, which is impressive for a breeder since this food isn’t cheap! They also were very caring with our puppy and could tell the puppy bonded with them since he followed them around as we were doing our paperwork. The small building where the dogs were kept also looked very nice from the outside (matched their house). We didn’t go inside, but I didn’t think it was necessary after we arrived. I hope that anyone considering buying a puppy from Joseph and Jennifer Ordish can see this review & feel comfortable about getting a puppy from them. They were great. So is Toby!

Micheal's Family / Atlanta

I cannot say enough good things about getting my puppy through Haven Home Corgis. About a month ago I started looking on here for a Corgi puppy and found a beautiful litter from a breeder, Mr. Joseph and I spoke with both him and his wife on the phone and they were great about answering all my questions. I set up an appointment to visit as soon as I could. I was 99% sure Scooter was the puppy for us but they let us visit with all the puppies in the litter including the Mother and Grandmother of the pups! He came home basically potty trained and is the most social and well behaved puppy. All of the puppies looked great, they were raised with children and their farm is beautiful! Scooter had been vet checked before we got him and passed our vet check with flying colors! I would not hesitate to get another puppy from them in the future, I am very happy with the experience.

Ventura's Family / San Diego

We are foreigners in the United States from Spain. With our numerous tries to own a Corgi, we finally came across Haven Home Corgis who are just the perfect breeders you will ever want to adopt a puppy from. We have been misled by many breeders trying to own a puppy until my wife found them. We decided to give it a last try and behold it paid off. Lilac has been an amazing baby girl from day one. She is so friendly and playful. Because of her friendly nature, we take her alongside with us anywhere we are going as she doesn’t bark in public. We have been puppy owners for 6 months now. Thank you for seeing us through these months and helping us each time we needed you. It has been the best 6 months of our life given our many failed trials to own a puppy. We decided to send this note just to let you know how our  first half a year of owning a puppy has been. The feeling has been awesome. Lilac is so intelligent. She is just a genius, takes to every little command. She is just the best. My wife and I are happy beings with her.

Maria / Jacksonville

Last year we had to put our Corgi down which devastated us, as she was a true part of the family. Over time we thought about a rescue however there are rarely Haven Home Corgis anywhere near us and later learned of this site.  Joseph was always prompt at returning calls, typically within a day and was very good in answering our questions and providing information on her. Joseph was very nice and welcoming and I had a chance to not only meet her but her mother and a sibling. We were unable to take her home that day as we needed to get ‘stuff’ as we donated to an animal shelter what we had prior, so Joseph and his Wife were nice enough to keep her for about a week + until we were able to get back. Being raised on a farm though, we did have some concerns as to how well she would transition to a house and also how well would she be in regards to socialization. Our concerns were completely unfounded – she adapted to the house in no time, within days she was all over, we had to block some of the steps as she was up and down those like she was there forever. And in regards to socialization, not a person nor dog she doesn’t like and thinks anyone at our house is there for her – she just loves people. We have had her since December, she is 9+ months and such a good, sweet dog, and typical of border collies she loves to play, she’ll get a ball and play fetch all day and we started her with some basic agility activities which she has loved doing. Checkups from our vet have been good, went through the spay procedure with flying colors and adapted great to our house and family. Will recommend Joseph if you see any pups in the future that he may have available.

Jessica / Greensboro

I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how great Oreo (Dylan renamed him) is doing. He’s adjusted really well and loves all the attention! We’ve only had one accident so far. He’s learned to go to the backdoor when he wants to go out and sleeps through the entire night without any issues. He doesn’t mind going up steps, but will not go down, so we’re slowly working on that. I understand it is still his first weeks in his new home. He has a favorite toy and is quite attached to Dylan. I learned that there is a veterinarian on base and have made him an appointment there.  I’ve attached a few pictures. I’ll send another update soon. Have a great day!

Owen's Family / Hartford

We received our baby , Lady, from Haven Home Corgis. She has been such a great addition to our family. She loves being playful with the children but is also loving and enjoys cuddling next to us in the evening. She is a quick learner. Potty trained well, is a quick learner and training easily for other commands. I came across Haven Home Corgis on google. Joseph was so wonderful with communication and accommodated well with getting Lady to us. Lady had to be flown to us and Joseph made sure everything was in order and that she would be safe on the flight to us. When she arrived Lady was in perfect health, clean, and happy. Joseph was great about answering all of our questions, getting back to us in a timely manner, and followed up with us to be sure all went well and to be sure Lady was doing well with the transition. I would recommend Haven Home Corgis to anyone that wanted a healthy family pet! They are great people and wonderful to work with